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Homestay di Johol, Negeri Sembilan

If you happen to be in Negeri Sembilan, for kenduri or just visiting, you can try Tok Sari Homestay located in Kampung Renggoh (in between Tampin and Kuala Pilah). If you’re coming from North South Highway towards Johor, take the Simpang Ampat exit towards to Tampin (this is the easiest way). The traditional was house owned by my husband’s late grandfather, is now turned into a traditional homestay, complete with modern facilities. While preserving the heritage and built of the house, the current owners (my husband’s aunty) welcome anyone who wants to relax, families who are attending wedding in nearby kampung or tired drivers who need 40 winks on a bed, before continuing their journey to south or up north (if you’re coming from south). Here’s some of the pictures taken from Tok Sari Homestay:
Tok Sari Homestay – front The house is gated with greenery surroundings Small road leading to owner’s house The area is surrounded by trees, including local fruit trees. During the fruit season,…