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Amir’s Graduation and Concert Day

So after 2 years Amir was educated in CIC, he finally had his graduation and concert, held in Everly Hotel Putrajaya. The thing is, it was not only for his branch but for the whole Klang Valley, so you can imagine how many screaming kids will be there!

We were a bit late (because we had to bring Amar to the nearest clinic and took a neb, as he was wheezing very badly – and after that left him at home to rest and sleep) but syukurr we get to park in front of the hotel (maybe the parking was full). Anyways, we rushed quickly so that Amir won’t miss his ceremony and his concert. We were lucky coz the agenda dragged (normal) and Amir got to take his scroll. There were a lot, and I mean a lot of people, I was thinking how do the organisors handle this?

Too many people until the hall was crowded and the food queue was chaotic, in addition to no eating space. Parents and kids were sprawling on the floor to have meals (which we paid RM150 for adult and RM80 for kids). It was madness because there were too many people.

Nevertheless, I think the parents and kids redha kan saja (including us) coz this would be Amir’s last time and it was his day so we followed the crowd, makan atas lantai, lepak and rilek jer…nak buat mcmana kan…

Most importantly Amir was happy (dia bukannya tau apa pun).

IMG_5905 Amir performing ‘Weather Song’ together with his classmates and kids from other branches as well

IMG_6600 Group photo after receiving his scroll and certificate

IMG_5910 Amir with one of his best friends – Ammar Tariq

Seriously in my opinion, the graduation ceremony should be held small, maybe Shah Alam branches in one place – so that the crowd can be controlled and more organised, can focus on the kids more and parents can interact with teachers as well. I just think it could be improved a lot, rather than having it at a hotel but not properly planned and organised.But anyways, Amir graduated! (wah ni baru graduated tadika, belum apa-apa lagi….kekekek)