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Lunch in Grumpy Cyclist

There are a lot of eating places nowadays, sprawling like mushrooms, especially in KL and TTDI and Klang Valley…We had the chance to eat in The Grumpy Cyclist, situated in TTDI.

It all started when I saw in Fiena’s instagram about Blondie. Whattt??…apake benda tu?…Seriously tak pernah dengar apatah lagi makan kan…and so I went there the first time with Fiena and Emi (ni semua instagram friends…sekarang ni pakai insta je semua….banyak virtual friends yang jadik good friends, ada jugak yang sombong, yang sombong bo layan saja!..heh)….

And so ni lah Blondie:

IMG_7195 Blondie in Grumpy Cyclist

IMG_6985 Other desserts in Grumpy Cyclist

And then Fiena bought us both this:

IMG_6982 Grumpy Cyclist Pancakes – sedapp mak!!

The interior was decorated with bicycle kind-a-items, and bicycles too…memang avid cyclist lah…perfect hangout for cyclists..

IMG_6987 At the counter



IMG_6986 Ni memang tengah grumpy betul ni – tengok stirer dia

Yang penting, I think I had the bestest aglio olio on earth! MasyaAllah sedap gile ok aglio olio dia (menjejes air liur sambil taip nih)….


Tak puas lagi, second time I went with hubby and kids, dah alang-alang berada di kawasan TTDI tu…and order aglio olio and blondia lagi…memang terbabo lah!

IMG_7192 Abang Amir yang semakin sihat

IMG_7198 Amar pun apa kurangnya lebar gak..

Will come again soon for the aglio olio….but remember, their kitchen is closed at 4 pm so if you guys nak makan sana, cepat-cepat yer…