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Amir’s Plant vs Zombie Birthday Party

Birthday party Amir ni dah lama dah…baru ada masa nak update. At first, we didn’t plan pun nak buat birthday party, but the thought of having a pool party kat my brother’s apartment tu menarik sangat…so we just did a mini party for family members and the main agenda was swimming!!…sambil ibunya syok nak buat dessert buffet (saja-saja- untuk sweetalmiraz).

First, we had the poster up and set the table with a black cloth.

IMG_6979 Plant vs Zombie poster

Then, we just had small quantities of desserts.

IMG_6980 Salted caramel chocolate tarts from Lavenderndcream

IMG_6978  Cupcakes from awinzidan, toppers from sweetalmiraz of course!

IMG_6977 Air hijau- kekonon brain juice

IMG_6967 Fancy cookies – tu ada terselit Hello Kitty tu sebab I yang nak…hahahah

DSC_0070 Premier Brain Juice – muahahahah

DSC_0075 Nobody could make cake pops so I decided to use Ferrero Rocher instead – was quite disappointed with the outcome

IMG_6975 Inside a kid’s goodie bag

IMG_7234 Plant vs Zombie dessert table set up for Amir’s 7th birthday – simple jer

The VIP guests for Amir’s birthday were:

DSC_0088 Birthday boy himself – trying to be scary

DSC_0086 Amar trying to be a zombie

DSC_0085 Nopal cheeky as ever

DSC_0090 And last but not least, Adam the serious chap

Lepas tu semua lesap pegi swimming, tak peduli pun ada dessert candy bagai…pool party memang syoklah, just because I was pregnant at that time, I tak masuk pool, kalau tak, syoknya berendam dalam air sejukkk…

If you are interested with the printables or posters that were featured here, take a sneak peek at sweetalmiraz’s blog or instagram/fb page…you can customise anything you want…heheheh…..(promo jap)