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Hantaran Tunang Ciah

Ciah is my sister-in-law. She recently got engaged. The ceremony was simple and traditional. Ciah does not like exaggeration in anything, she’s just a simple minded lady, hence her event and hantaran was so very simple.

Her hantaran was done by Kak Nani of De Casa Flora. Khidmat Kak Nani ni memang digunakan sejak abang yang pertama lagi, and never change sampaila ke Ciah ni (the only girl and the last one to get married).

Lets look at her hantaran. Gubahan was done by Kak Nani, while the bekas par anak par was my mom’s (pinjam), simply because Ciah wants it raw like that, no kain-kain, no lapik no nothing, which I find very authentic.  Every week she would shine the anak par herself (excited nak kasi kilat). She wanted peonies for her hantaran and succulent-like-leaves to go with it. Bunga Melur was to create some scent to the hantaran.

DSC_0108 The hantaran

IMG_7682 Some grapes

DSC_0036 Patchi chocolates

The cake. The cake was S-E-D-A-P!… it was baked by my biras’s brother (Chef Faris – used to be the dessert chef in KL Convention Centre)…it’s a combination of sweet, sour and lemon-y kinda cake. We all loved it!

DSC_0034  The awesome and sweet and lemon-y cake

DSC_0109 Tempat sarung cincin dari pihak lelaki – cun kan?

The carnation installation. This was for the background of her sarung cincin area. It was done by Ciah herself. She found the inspiration from the internet of course, and wanted to make it a reality. I was already 9 months pregnant masa tu so I tolong sikit-sikit je…

DSC_0024 Hubs tolong

DSC_0026 The carnations at night



The DIY so called ‘pelamin’. No no Ciah didn’t want any pelamin what so ever…..she just wanted a simple yet sweet seating area to sarung cincin. So, she used the background of her mom’s room (with mini waterfall and some greens), did the carnation installation, polished the floors and cleaned up the wooden chair and walla!



Selamat bertunang Ciah and Khairi!