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Lunch and Dinner at Jibby & Co

A new hangout and makan place situated in Empire Subang, this place is what I call the new age dining place. The foods are all tasty, desserts are to die for and the environment is cosy, the service is not bad too…

We had a birthday dinner here for my brother, paid by my youngest brother, but I went there first with my friend (after looking at Fiena’s instagram about Jibby & Co’s soft shell crab burger)…Unfortunately the day I went with my friend, Jibby was experiencing shortage of water so no food and drinks can be prepared for patrons. I had a chit chat with the owner and ate a delicious piece of Beyonce!…and drank cola lime frost.

jibby n co 2 Beyonce and cola lime frost

Lets look at the deco and the interior. Memang cun! I suka sangat.

Jibby My favourite spot

jibby n co Another favourite spot for photo

jibby empire subang Upstairs

jibby deco View from top – nice kan?

jibby n co deco Another view from top

Now lets see what we had during the dinner. Jibby & Co does not take reservations, semuanya walk-in sahaja but I managed to make a reservation coz I pujuk-pujuk Qiss…(the owner) ….hehehehe

fish and chips jibby n co Fish and chips

soft shell crab burger in jibby n co The famous soft shell crab burger

IMG_7802 Sweet and sour sizzling oxtail RM30

IMG_7797 Java noodles rojak RM23

IMG_7803 Pan fried Atlantic salmon steak RM35

IMG_7798 Salad with squid – yummy!

tiger prawn and blue swimmer crab at jibby n co Tiger prawn and blue swimmer crab RM35 – too creamy

IMG_7804 Lamb shank served with rice

jibby n co 3 Seafood galore – but can’t remember its name – my dad loved it so much!

jibby n co 4 Basil pesto RM28

For the desserts, we ordered Meteor, Nanalicious – I think I just remember that coz these 2 are my favourites! Best giller! Picture, tak sempat nak snap pulak. But, it was 2 of the cakes in the picture below:

IMG_7807 Happy birthday Tuwin!

Tapi ada satu benda yang kelakar, we ordered ice cream with crispy waffle. Ni ha…

ice cream in jibby' Amar having ice cream with crispy waffle

Mesti korang pelik kan?….I mati-mati ingat waffle macam ala-ala A&W tu…yang besarrr tuu….tapi, apa kan daya, dah ini yang dikatakan crispy waffle tu - buat sendiri…so….pasrah je lah k if you order it…

Tak puas lagi tu, I had lunch a few weeks after the dinner with hubby and Amar sebab nak rasa soft shell crab burger. I also had this:

coco loco in jibby Coco Longo RM19 (my favourite!), Lychee Mint RM15, Orange juice RM12, Sweet potato fries and Turkish bread (makan ngan soup) – oh my Turkish bread tuuuu…….lembut giller!

So that was it. A big makan-makan, a whopping RM600 ++ for the dinner and nearly RM200 for the lunch (coz I ordered meteor and nanalicious as addition). Overall I would say the foods are overpriced but I think it is worth it coz you cannot find these kind of food elsewhere…..They created the food and fusioned it, ada yang kena, ada juga yang tak kena so it’s very subjective to say tak sedap or sedap secara direct. It depends on every individual taste buds. It is an acquired taste and I will definitely come back for certain foods that I like.

How to get here? Just go to Empire Subang and go out thru Coach, pass by Starbucks and you’ll see Jibby & Co, an building on its own just outside the valet parking. Enjoy your food and bring extra Agong’s head (just in case you want to tapau dessert).