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New Magnolia Gotcha Safari

Ice cream, ice cream we scream for ice cream!!!…wah beriya-iyanya nyanyi…My kids memang crazy about ice cream…it’s the first thing that they would want be it in any circumstances. But, who doesn’t kan? Ibunya pun sama. So, when F&N contacted me to give free ice cream, I wouldn’t miss it….straight away e-mailed back to try the new Magnolia Gotcha Safari ice creams.


This was the pack that we received. A box with 6 lollies (2 Zebras, 2 Tigers and 2 Leopards). You must be wondering why they are named with animals names?….well, it’s because Magnolia Gotcha Safari wants to make learning fun with facts on each ice cream stick. How?  By reading reading the facts about the animal on the wrapper and then savouring the unique taste of the ice cream.

The zebra variant comes with a blend of cola and lemon lime, the tiger has an interesting blend of chocolate and vanilla while the leopard has a blend of orange and grape flavours.

Amir loves the chocolate vanilla flavour while I love the cola and lime…so yummy we finished the lollioes in 2 days!

IMG_7730 Amir when trying the cola and lime flavour

IMG_7729 Amar loves the orange and grape flavour

You can get them in local stores, leading hypermarkets or supermarkets at RM1.50 per stick (so cheap!) or have a box of 4 lollies at RM5.80 per pack. If you happen to have the ‘lucky’ stick, you will win prizes as stated on the stick. Attractive prizes such as iPad Air, iPod Shuffle and bicycles awaits winners. Contest still running now until June 2014.

F&N Magnolia will also be going on a fun and educational roadshow nationwide to promote this new ice cream. Visitors can look for freebies, balloons and also a photo opportunity with Gotcha Safari Mascot at the roadshows.