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Wall’s Scoops of Happiness – Stories you can taste

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I received an invitation from Wall’s to attend a bloggers’ event in Publika. I thought “ memang tak dapek la den nak pegi”….agak sedih sikit di situ sebab jarang dapat invitation (but lately asyik dapat invitation yang ice cream aje)…anyway, memang pikir tak pegi lah sebab takut terberanak la pulak kang…

A day before the event, I was restless coz I thought I need to walk to exercise, plus, suddenly terpikir menarik jugak kalau pegi event ni, kira last before beranak kan.. ..hubby turutkan saja….hantar pegi Publika about 12 noon….(dahla jalan jam, so he was annoyed on whyyyyy I must go to the event)….I said I will come back with my sister in law..(nasib baik my SIL keje kat Sapura tu so memang boleh sangat la tumpang dia)..

And so I arrived early, jalan-jalan kat Publika dulu (risau jugak kalau2 sakit ke…)…air ketuban ke apa, dah keluar tapi I rilek je sebab sikit sangat untuk dirisaukan….so, I sampai cafe Mad About Coco about 2:45 pm, took a file, snapped this photo booth picture…


And then I took my seat. Seriously, I was tired of walking around Publika so memang nak duduk je kat kedai tu, in the mean time, I sempat ambil gambar sikit-sikit. Memang so tired, imagine la I dah 40 weeks, due date masa tu was esoknya so…..penat tu sangat-sangatla kan…

mad about coco - publika Mad About Coco, Publika

walls scoops of hapiness Ice cream toppings table

IMG_8033 Fruits toppings

IMG_8031 Cupcakes, and other toppings galore for deco

scoops of happiness Shawn Tan, Brand Manager for Wall’s Ice Cream said family bonding is crucial for kids as they grow up

The celebrity guest for the day was Samantha Lee, a well known instagrammer who creates fun, whimsical, colourful, imaginative and healthy food for her kids…memang semua cantik-cantik!…you guys should check her ig its @leesamantha….memang I teruja lah sebab I tak reti, I memang fail bab-bab ni…all her creations for this event can be viewed in her instagram beginning 9 May 2014 onwards.

Ok, lets look at her creations….Her first creation was Chinese Warrior – inspired from Mulan. First, she said she must sketch her creation before making the meals for real.

IMG_8041 Samantha Lee’s sketch and the real meal– tengok sketch dia pun cantik kan?

Her second  and third creation was Pirate of Carribean and The Ice Princess & The Snowman.



Pirate of Carribean yang selamat di-ngap oleh me and other blogger friends…hehehe


So, after her demo, we were asked to form groups of three, I was sitting at the back, memang tak larat nak carik ahli kumpulan, I pasrah je sapa yang jadi groupmates I….sebab I tak larat nak bangun-bangun dah….sekali sekumpulan kawan baiks; Ceera, Kathy, Filla and Elly datang duduk dekat I (I tak kenal pun diorang ni semua…lol blogger la sangat aku nih)….anyway, sebab tak cukup sorang, Filla panggil-panggil Namee join my group….so, Filla and Namee jadikla my groupmates. Masa tu, I dah sketch sikit-sikit nak buat castle (sebab kena tema Fary Tale)….so dapat pikir castle je…

IMG_8046 Filla and Namee – nice meeting you both!

IMG_8053 Our creation: Castle in the Garden

I sketched the castle idea but after that Filla and Namee got loads of ideas, mencurah-curah pulak idea diorang nih…Namee said she can make the marshmallows tergantung like KLCC bridge gitu….I ok kan saja idea diorang nih…and Filla pulak betul-betul great sport lah…I memang takyah gi mana-mana…Namee and Filla were the ones yang gi balik gi balik amik bahan nak deco….wahhh betul-betul duduk mak buyung nih…

After that we had some food, mak buyung tak sempat snap gambar makanan, lapor sangat lol….Masa tgh makan tu diorang tanya my name and dengar-dengar castle…so when they announced the winner is….”the girls with the castle in the garden”….whoahhhhh…gembira gitu…iollss menang!!…hadiah worth RM400 katanya…apa la agaknya kan…

IMG_8059Prize and goodies for the day

Haaa…yang biru bulat tu hadiahnya…it’s Laura Ashley’s 3-tier cake stand….teruja gitu…nak beli memang I takla…bukannya mampu iolss nih…andddd we get to bring back 3 tubs of ice cream: Oreo, Strawberry Shortcake and Hersheys…memang semuanya sedap-sedap!…and a momento picture where I got to be a princess…(feeling la sangat)…

In conjunction with this Scoops of Happiness, Wall’s Selection is launching a nationwide Facebook contest titled “ Taste Joy in Disneyland with Wall’s” which began on 9 May 2014. Participants are encouraged to watch the Scoops of Happiness video and create their Wall’s Selection ice cream story with a short caption to describe their creation. There will be one weekly winner for 7 weeks. Winners will be chosen based on highest votes. Every week, the most popular creation will win a family package to Legoland. The grand prize winner, who will be chosen by a panel of judges at the end of the campaign will win a family package to Disneyland in Paris. For more information and to participate, click here

Thank you Wall’s for this opportunity! I really appreaciate it….(keep them comin’ eyh)….