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My shopping experience with Tesco Online

This was my first time in groceries shopping. When I was in confinement, this was the best option to shop without even lifting my leg (hahaha)….Hubby was busy with assignments and group work and exams, so I didn’t want to bother him so much. I shop via Tesco Online because it’s easy (and also was influenced by friends on twitter and instagram), but most of all, I didn’t have to go out in the hot sun, I just had to scroll my phone screen and choose what I want to buy (yay!).

The best thing about this Tesco Online shopping is you pay when the goods are received (not by cash though) and not in advance on the web. The method of payment is via credit card, when you receive your goods. That is why it is important to check your goods and ensure that any substitute done by Tesco is acceptable (what I mean here is somethimes when the goods you ordered is not available, they will substitute with something similar – subject to your approval). Once you are satisfied with everything (the goods, the quantity, checked the expiry dates), then you can proceed with payment.

The first time a Tesco lorry came to my house, I jumped (in my heart) excited semacam pulak bila tengok lori Tesco datang. But, to tell you the truth, the excitement was not just in me, but the whole family members came out to see the Tesco lorry. My mom, my dad, my aunt, even my brother’s Indonesian maid came out to see :)

IMG_8476 Tesco lorry in front of my house

IMG_8477 Goods that I bought – plus some fresh fruits and veggies

What made me even happier was this first time online purchase entitled me for free gifts (just so happen they were having a promo) – cuma I je yang taktau, so happy terlebih la kan…I got Joy (yang besar ok, worth RM11.80), a soft ball and a bottle of baby wash.

IMG_8478 Free gifts from shopping with Tesco Online

I also got 4 Legoland vouchers (the RM40 off per normal ticket)….happy tak kalau dapat?…haaa…The only thing I’m not happy was I got the welcome e-mail (the one with e-discount for first time purchase) AFTER  I did my first online purchase. So it was not valid anymore when I wanted to use it the second time. Was a bit disappointed but what to do kan.

My only hope is that Tesco will come out with an app for customers so that we don’t have use the mobile web when making our purchase. It would be muchoo easy..heheheh.. With Tesco online shopping, I can reduce my unnecessary food/junk/goods picking..(you know how you tend to pick unnecessary items when strolling from one aisle to another?)…yes, you can avoid that by shopping with Tesco Online….really Tesco Online shopping doesn’t burn your pocket as much as physical shopping in Giant or any other hypermarkets. You will only buy what you need.

Since then, I am now addicted to Tesco Online shopping heheheh…Tesco Online shopping helps me to plan my groceries shopping properly and they only provide the best quality to me. Trust me, I am not paid to say this, I just really like how it works. You can try, and let me know how you feel….Ok, I need to bathe my baby now. Until next entry.