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Pengalaman bersalin kali kedua di DEMC

If you read my post about Pengalaman Bersalin di DEMC, you would know that this is my second post about giving birth in DEMC, cuma kali ni special sikit hehehe…. Actually, when I was already 40 weeks, we booked an executive room, read about My Third Pregnancy……kira dah prepare semualah…

On my due date, Dr. Norleen said come back on Monday to be induced. My Dr., as usual was so calm and softspoken…I really love her…the best gynae ever lah…don’t know how to describe how much I love her… dia rileks je, cakap enjoy the weekend dulu…go have a treat. So, apa lagi, husband treated me with food lah…heheheh…pegi jalan-jalan carik makan…

So on the 5th of May, I was induced sebab kira dah overdue by 3 days…..Dr. pesan have a good breakfast and come…and so I did…I was induced at 9.30 am and gave birth at noon…agak cepat…maybe sebab kandungan dah ‘ripe’ sangat kan…sakit beranak, jangan cakap la….memang sakit gile…kira satu achievement la (for me la)…..and so, hadirlah seorang baby girl dalam hidup kami….namanya Amni…

IMG_8104 Baby Amni

Lepas bersalin, I got to know that we have been upgraded from Executive room to a Suite because all executive rooms were fully booked. Rezeki Amni nampaknya. We stayed in Ortis. Lepas check in bilik, terus-terus dapat lunch.

IMG_8089 Lunch – err..I makan ikan ngan nasik je kot

Bilik Suite awesome but I didn’t get to take pictures sebab penat sangat, so harapkan hubby yang amik pictures nih. Dulu masa bersalinkan Amar, we checked-in a night before I gave birth so dapatla enjoy-enjoy makan itu ini dengan Amir and hubs.

IMG_8093 Hall area

IMG_8094 Pantry area

IMG_8092 Separate room for hubby to sleep…hubby takdela tido kat couch je

dinner- demc Dinner di DEMC (sedap)

Yang specialnya duduk kat Suite ni, everything settle kat sini. What I mean is dispense ubat and bayar bil pun kat sini….no need to queue or whatsoever….senang gile. Layanan pun tersangatlah best. Nurse pun baik-baik belaka. Sungguh pengalaman yang terindah kalau duduk kat suite ni…kira macam hotel la…(tapi takdela nak enjoy sangat….sbb baru lepas beranak kan…cuma I rasa, bolehla nak kurangkan keperitan sakit dengan minda yang tenang dan best kat sini)…gitu. It’s all in the mind…..

About afternoon, the nurse bawak Amni and she latched on like a pro…eh budak-budak sekarang ni pandainya…tak kekok pun nak hisap susu…dahla masa bersalin dah bukak mata….my mom kata babies dulu-dulu satu minggu baru bukak mata….hahahha….

Esoknya before discharged, Dr paed  (Dr Ahmad) datang jenguk Amni and Dr. Norleen pun datang jenguk I tanya khabar. Sungguh happylah dapat gynae macam Dr Norleen. Suka sangat ngan dia. Katanya “see you in a month to discuss family planning”…heheheh….

And then, suddenly ada sorang ni masuk, katanya from Audiology department. I was like “bila masa pulak I’m associated with radio-radio nih”….and before I continue to be in doubt, the guy explained that it’s a new department in the hospital and Amni was put through a hearing test before she could be discharged. He said Amni successfully passed the test. He said only recently the hospital require babies to sit the test to detect hearing problems in babies earlier than the normal time. According to him, babies and toddlers should not be exposed to gadgets/devices or even the idiot box before the age of 2. A little can mean no harm but he said try to avoid shows that no one talks in them, those shows can delay speech in babies. Ada banyak lagi dia cakap but itu yang I paling ingat. You can contact them to know more.


Before we were discharged, biasalah dapat goody bag lagi…macam-macam I dapat….best sampai snap picture hehehe…


A few days after, Home Care pun datang jenguk Amni and me…nama nurse tu was Kak Rose. She said everything was ok with me….(ye lah but I donch like pantang…I despise it because it is the time when I am most fragile, physically and emotionally…)….

Now, it’s been 2 months, baby pun ok alhamdulillah I doa that Amni will be a healthy person, berjaya dunia dan akhirat dan menjadi insan yang solehah. You might not know this Amni, but I prayed to get you and I hope that I can be the best mom for you and your brothers (insyaallah)…ehh emo lak ayat…ok dah!


Anonymous said…
Bestnye..cantik bilik...
Ni Almiraz bersalain May 2014 kan?
Berapa ye demc charge ? hehe..
Almiraz said…
Charge rate executive...i think semua abt 4k n bersalin punya expenses