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Ergobaby Travel for sale

Ok, actually I need money to buy Ergo 360. My baby just don’t want to sit front inward in my Ergo Travel coz she keeps brushing her face to my chest and then cries frantically. Everytime. Yes, everytime. The Ergo Travel costed me RM475 and lepas tu dia taknak duduk dalam tu…adehla susahnya gini…So, when I was invited to join the revolutionary Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Launch last July (nampak sangat malas nak update blog sekarang dah September), I didn’t hesitate, I terus signed up (dengan harapan dapat sebijik Ergo – Nottt! – helloooo sapa nak kasi barang free?)So basically the launch was not just for Ergo 360 but also Ergobaby Wrap and Ergo Baby Swaddler. Swaddle baby I guna yang biasa2 jer, not the revolutionary lah I’d say, selama ni ok je untuk my kids. This new Ergo Swaddler ni nampak bagus but my baby was already 3 months that time, kalau beli pun rugi coz dia dah besar. As for wraps, to tell you the truth, I don’t fancy wrapping my baby coz I prefer my baby to sleep in pr…