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Ergobaby Travel for sale

Ok, actually I need money to buy Ergo 360. My baby just don’t want to sit front inward in my Ergo Travel coz she keeps brushing her face to my chest and then cries frantically. Everytime. Yes, everytime. The Ergo Travel costed me RM475 and lepas tu dia taknak duduk dalam tu…adehla susahnya gini…

So, when I was invited to join the revolutionary Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Launch last July (nampak sangat malas nak update blog sekarang dah September), I didn’t hesitate, I terus signed up (dengan harapan dapat sebijik Ergo – Nottt! – helloooo sapa nak kasi barang free?)

So basically the launch was not just for Ergo 360 but also Ergobaby Wrap and Ergo Baby Swaddler. Swaddle baby I guna yang biasa2 jer, not the revolutionary lah I’d say, selama ni ok je untuk my kids. This new Ergo Swaddler ni nampak bagus but my baby was already 3 months that time, kalau beli pun rugi coz dia dah besar. As for wraps, to tell you the truth, I don’t fancy wrapping my baby coz I prefer my baby to sleep in pram. Memang I biasakan my boys dulu macam tu, from car seat to pram and feeds in between, I tengok my boys ok je takde masalah pun duduk dalam pram, it makes my life a whole lot easier. Yang jadik masalahnya bila nak bersiar2 di tempat yang NOT-pram friendly like tepi pantai, pasar sesak and other places-lah (most moms know where), so nak gunalah jugak baby carrier sekali sekala.

I didn’t have a proper baby carrier coz most of the time suka guna pram, but my aunty ada bagi a baby carrier she bought in Japan called Combi Ninna Nanna (google for picture ok) so I have been using that for non-pram situations (but only used it when baby dah 6 months plus). So for baby baru ni ingat nak guna earlier than that age and taknak yg bulky sbb tu yang beli Ergo Travel ni , sbb dia ringan – end up dia tak suka. :(

IMG_8739Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby Swaddler

The launch was held in Mad About Coco in Publika. Di sinilah I jumpa Nana Mahazan and Illy Ariffin for the first time. They have been using the new Ergo and was invited to demonstrate their ‘wearing’. I tengok Illy’s baby was so comfy in the wrap, tido lama n Illy pun happy. I don’t know how if I were to be in her situation, I dahla tak reti ikat pastu dgn baby Amni yang suka menggosok muka, mmg havoc la dgn tangisan dia, I boleh jadik stress nanti.


Actually I sayang Ergobaby Travel I tu sbb ye lah dah beli mahal2 rugila tak guna kan?…So I dgn gigihnya belajar pakai and guna Ergo travel tu haritu, one of the staff helped to demonstrate to me before the launch. Ok. Dah ingat. Balik rumah buat, si kecik nangis nangis dan nangis. My baby suka ngadap depan. So memang tak jadilah dgn Ergo Travel ni because dia not front facing (ff)…..terus I plan nak beli Ergo 360 because selain front inward, back and hip, it can be used as ff. Below is my current Ergobaby Travel (google pic). Sapa nak beli?


Ergobaby 360 is different from other baby carriers because it has a BUCKET SEAT to support the baby in an ergonomic seated position and maintain ideal hip and spine positioning. Baby carrier lain ada ke? I taktau sebab bukan fan of baby carrier but what I know is when Nana put her picture with Aaqib dalam Instagram in the Ergo 360, everytime kena bash. Kesian betul. I tak mengikuti forum-forum babywearing ni so bila baca all the comments baru paham bahawasanya the babywearing group of moms are concerned with not just the hip and spine positioning but also the over-stimulation of baby when ff. Ok, this is my personal opinion lah…..the concerns are over rated sebab:

(1) Ergo 360 according to Dr. Moira Robertson, a doctor of chiropractic, she said the ff position of Ergo 360 is SAFE because it has a wide base so that the baby’s hips are properly locked into the socket besides supporting the wearer’s back health. The baby’s legs should not be dangling down or straightened. What I remember from her presentation was about the percentage of people yang sakit belakang, apparently orang2 Eskimo sakit belakang lebih lagi dari orang2 kat Africa, sbb Eskimos carry their baby with a straight leg while African carry them babies kaki terbukak. And Eskimo babies digulung kaki straight mcm dlm gambar ni, so there was no proper hip positioning, hence the hip displacement.

babywearingCradleboard_zps55ba5f50 Google pic

(2) Concern about over-stimulating the baby. Berapa lama pun nak duduk dalam baby carrier tu, it’s not like forever in there. Takdenya nak over stimulate, baby pun nak kena tido. I think this is an unnecessary concern. I think parents nowadays should concern more about their kids (and babies as old as 1 year being over-stimulated with the heavy use of ipad- even for educational purposes), no? Fikir-fikirkan.

Orang dah buat research and proven so jangan taksub sangat ok. Ingat, moderation is the key to everything. Mcmana pun I plan to buy the Ergo 360, from the look of it, Nana and her baby were both happy, and her baby looks so comfy. Ok, memang sah2 I nak beli, tapi kena jual Ergo Travel dulu sbb takde pulus dah.

So, kesimpulannya, jangan taksub and anti ff babywearing (eyh?)…(#dontbashmeplease) no no, maksud I, every mom knows what is best fo their child, takkan we do things that will hurt our child kan? So, kita ikut yang mana terbaik and selesa utk baby, based on our reading and info that we obtained. Insyaallah ok semuanya.


chazalle said…
i bought boba tapi hampanya... width dia lebar sgt and kaki baby xleh keluar...

and also material dia x sesuai.. kain and cepat sgt berhabuk... tebal plak tu...

the other day nampak one mother bawa ergo and material dia cantik and nipis...

ada chance tukar ke ergo ni.. hehehe
Almiraz said…
Mashi....Ergo la Amni dh suka dok dlm Ergo travel ni i dh takyah jual hehe...