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Happikiddo Citta Mall

Assalamualaikum! Hello!It's like I just came back from a loooooong holiday....(NOT!)..haha..Been neglecting this blog of mine too much....too much....But, now I'm back and I have got so many things to tell you. Hmmm...Let's start with my recent visit to Happikiddo in Citta Mall. My second time here actually. The first time I went I already fell in love with this shop. There's just soooo many things on sale here. Imagine, there are over 50 international brands with more than 10,000 products here. Yes, I got excited when I went into this shop. I pusing 20 ribu kali kot, tilik satu-satu barang diorang....Happykiddo - front viewThe shop is so spacious! No berlaga-laga if you come hereMy favourite spot in the shop!Among the baby foods on saleSwimming suits for babies Cute hippo as decoWooden toys (I love them!)Not forgetting, mommys’ stuffs tooLove the cashier area, makes me still eyeing for more stuffs to buy :pIn conjunction with Happikiddo's year-end celebration, I w…