Bloom & Grow Catalogue Launch

When typing this I am feeling really miserable because the launch was held in October.....and now is December....sooooooo failing to update my blog....I wish there's an app that can straight away post to blogger when I'm posting to Instagram.....(ok, actually I found one app - which I haven't quite tried it yet....kepoz I need to update all my posts from last year, yes, LAST YEAR, and thennnn only I can use the, in the mean time I am updating pictures, yes pictures (mute mode) on sweetalmiraz's blog.....itu pun another blog of mine which really needs attention.

Anyways, selalu membebel, ok, ok....the launch was held to showcase Bloom & Grow products; cool, cute and functional baby and toddler products. If you like Happikiddo, you're gonna like this shop too. Only moms can relate to these kinda shops, sebab membuatkan kita rambang mata dengan produk-produknya yang tersangatlah bestnya.

Yang paling best sekali there was Scha, Awal and their little princess Lara (yg sgt selamba dan comel)....I think she steals their limelight lah...

Scha is using the Storsak Noa diaperbag - ada insulated bottle pocket, interior and external pocket, ada mini organiser bag and a changing mat too....hui macam-macam

Among the brands featured are Skip Hop, Ergobaby, Gro, Trunki - these are the existing brands. Two new brands are: Make My Day and CuddleCo. The CuddleCo ComfiCush Memory Foam Liner  stroller has a foam liner that can adapt to your baby's individual body shape, thus improving your baby's body shape and makes travel comforting. The price is RM179. Sila percaya sekarang ada stroller hebat yang berharga begitu murah :p

Best jugak sebab dapat jumpa Illy whom I met in the last event about the Ergo...masa tu both of us baru dapat baby about 5-6 months kot. So kira hari tu Afina dapat jumpa Sofia for the first time. Sofia jadik model on that day....she's so comellah! Tengok tu masing-masing sibuk isi minyak

 One for the album!

Lepas tu Scha selected me to pair with her for a short competition - Nursery deco...but we lost sebab ntahlah bukan rezeki kot...Afina was crying nak I dukung dia...suh duduk diam-diam jadik model tak mahu....kalau tak, boleh dapat Trunki tuu...but I just won a SkipHop bag...but heyyy, soooo happy dah dapat bag tu tau... 

Team Awal yang menang (rolls eyes - hehehe)

What's in the goody bag - and my prize

Trying to get a decent picture here

So, apalagi, cepat-cepat head on to baby shops yang jual semua barang-barang Bloom & Grow nih;  Happikiddo, The Babyloft, Baby Wonderland, One BB World and I think leading baby shops mesti ada semua barang nih.

Typewriter love

In the last post I promised myself to not neglect this blog tapi tapi...aduhaiii...sedih betul sampai takde masa nak update...lagi2 livewriter dah takleh log in coz google tak recognise it...whatever lah...anyway,  this entry is about a typewriter which I bought a few years ago but only recently I moved to a new house so the typewriter has got its special place in my studio now...heheheh

I love typewriters. I think it’s my most favourite thing….(err after suitcases and cake stands). My friend (Adeline of Snackfood) custom made it especially for me (with a good price, of course). It all started when I went to Snackfood (17A Select Store). I really like the mint typewriter (one of the pictures in her instagram post) and told Adeline how I like so much, if only it is in pink, and can be used. Too bad at that time, she only had the mint one (kind of model that I like) and it is for deco purposes only. So apparently Adeline said that she will inform me once she get her hands on the model that I want.
Originally, it was like this:

(Pic credit to Adeline)

Then she featured it in her instagram (btw follow @snackfood for more vintage items pictures):

(Pic repost from @snackfood’s instagram)

Then finally it looked like this (picture taken from Snackfood Shop)

Ohhhh…the Honeysuckle colour that she suggested is soooo nice! Bright and attractive. I love it!

This typewriter comes with the original certificate and storage, including a red and black ribbon which Adeline supplied. You can customize your typewriter too! Just ask Adeline how. 17A Select Store is situated in Telawi 3, Bangsar (opposite House of Dolls).
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