Typewriter love

In the last post I promised myself to not neglect this blog tapi tapi...aduhaiii...sedih betul sampai takde masa nak update...lagi2 livewriter dah takleh log in coz google tak recognise it...whatever lah...anyway,  this entry is about a typewriter which I bought a few years ago but only recently I moved to a new house so the typewriter has got its special place in my studio now...heheheh

I love typewriters. I think it’s my most favourite thing….(err after suitcases and cake stands). My friend (Adeline of Snackfood) custom made it especially for me (with a good price, of course). It all started when I went to Snackfood (17A Select Store). I really like the mint typewriter (one of the pictures in her instagram post) and told Adeline how I like so much, if only it is in pink, and can be used. Too bad at that time, she only had the mint one (kind of model that I like) and it is for deco purposes only. So apparently Adeline said that she will inform me once she get her hands on the model that I want.
Originally, it was like this:

(Pic credit to Adeline)

Then she featured it in her instagram (btw follow @snackfood for more vintage items pictures):

(Pic repost from @snackfood’s instagram)

Then finally it looked like this (picture taken from Snackfood Shop)

Ohhhh…the Honeysuckle colour that she suggested is soooo nice! Bright and attractive. I love it!

This typewriter comes with the original certificate and storage, including a red and black ribbon which Adeline supplied. You can customize your typewriter too! Just ask Adeline how. 17A Select Store is situated in Telawi 3, Bangsar (opposite House of Dolls).
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