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sweetalmiraz: My journey so far

I have to admit that my decision to stop working and start my own business shocked my parents and some people I encountered throughout this journey. Although it was an impromptu decision but it is one of the the best decisions that I have made in my life. It changed my life upside down but I never regret it once.
I started styling on weekends for friends (you can see a sample here) and the major one I did was for my brothers' wedding (which you can view here) and Amir's birthday (see it here and here) (he was always the sample test, product development test ...semua test lah) hehehe...
At the same time I kept on blogging and was invited to write about Happikiddo (HK) (see the post here). I posted a favourite-corner-in-Happikiddo-picture in my instagram and who knew that picture changed my life. The picture grabbed the owner's attention and from then on I was styling and decorating events organised by HK.

My first engagement for HK was a simple backdrop for their annual di…

Experience in Rosa Malacca - Part 2

So that night, we had a buka puasa gathering in another hotel. Fina dah siap-siap and of course I did take a snapshot of her in our room.
Fina in @elleandshayne Eid 2016 collection. I superlove this baju coz the fabric is awesome; cotton yang lembut.....worth my money
Amar met a new friend
Lepas dah makan bagai we went back to Rosa to rest....memang kekenyangan sangat...when we reached there, there was a pre-wedding was so nice with the lights and the view, I wanted to take picture but the management tak kasi, after that the groom-to-be came out and had a chat with us (he was so friendly and he cakap Melayu je - he's Chinese peranakan probably).....dia kata boleh je nak take pictures semua so I just took 2 snaps by far je, malu lah nak crash party orang heeheh....

Then it was time to sleep. Yang menariknya lampu tido bilik kat Rosa ni is underneath the shelves.
Cool kan lampu kat bawah meja? (Ke I je yang teruja sangat ni)
Fooling around
Since it was Ramadhan, Rosa pu…

Pegalaman di Rosa Malacca - Part 1


It's the school holiday and Ramadhan at the same time (Ramadhan 2017) but we really had to book this hotel. Yes, wajib book hotel Rosa kat Melaka nih sebab dia cantik. Reallllyyyyy my kind of style hotel. Price aside, this is the best industrial concept hotel that I have been to (note that I have never been to any other industrial designed hotel in Malaysia), so I vote this as the best so far. Love the exterior and interior of this hotel to the max.
The only downside is that there is no swimming pool. What a bummer kan? But I bet they are planning to build one, they must, coz there will be a gym coming soon, so, a swimming pool would be awesome, really, a plus one and awesomelah if they have it.
If you Google Rosa Hotel mesti dah boleh tengok the pictures dia. Cantik tak? What do you think? I couldn't help but to snap at every inch of the hotel (I can go cray if I don't take a picture here). So here's my version:
 The first thing you would see when you arrive he…

Fina's Frozen Birthday Party

Dah lama tak update pasal birthday party kat sini kan? Ok topik hari ini pasal birthday party heheeheh. 
This year I had the opportunity to organise a proper birthday party for my daughter. Kesian coz she never had a birthday party before so this was the first time for her. Seronok sangat tuan punya badan sebab iyelah, dah besar kan, dia pun dah pandai ingat and cakap fasih so t'was the perfect timing. 
The party was held in A&W sebab I taknak pening nak pikir nak masak apa and kecah rumah bagai (eh senang ko). Anyways, I had the date reserved, balloons booked and desserts all covered. Menu makan; burger and chicken nuggets with fries, together with the famous A&W root beer (tapi no float which is a shame btw) - tapi takpe ok jer....
As a party stylist I memang tak pernah lambat to the event place. Tapi for the first time untuk birthday anak pulak jadik lambat (sebab - pegi pick up cupcakes kat Cahaya SPK, pastu jammm tak hengattt punya kat NST tu). So I only had le…

Bloom & Grow x Mothercare Mother's Day Event 2017

Last Month (May 2017 - ok, now I'm not that slow in updating my blog anymore hehe), in conjunction with mother's day, I was invited to attend a 'Mother & Daughter' event organised by Bloom & Grow, held in Mothercare Bangsar Shopping Centre. I immediately RSVP-ed coz I didn't want to miss this golden opportunity (hehehe....lagipun my daughter's birthday coming up so I was thinking that at the same time I can get her a birthday present from Mothercare ELC; the tier plate with desserts toy I have been eyeing since I dapat baby girl :p)

We arrived late coz I had to send my second son to school first before I can go anywhere, plus it was on a Friday (so macam jemmmmmmm tak hengat punya). When we arrived, the other bloggers already started their activities, taking photos etc. My daughter was quite moody that day so she wasn't in the mood to play or whatsoever (sabarrr je lah). So we just observed the others doing their thing. 
There were 6 stations (Trun…