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Pavlova and my KWSP

So finally, after nearly 40 years of age, I finalllyyyyyyy invest in a unit trust. Although there was a point in my life that god had showed me this, I wasn't prepared. At all. Financially and mentally.

You see, after graduation I joined an Overseas China Bank as a 'Wealth Management Executive'. The name so posh right? I didn't know what I was doing. I followed people and then at some point  (after 2-3 months) I got to know that I was selling education trust fund. Ok faham. I remember I closed a 100k deal with a Malay man (whom already knew all the answers to questions pertaining to the investment, but he wanted a Malay girl to sell it to him). My team then asked me to do it (for one obvious reason - I was the only Malay in the group). And so I did closed the deal with him but I didn't get the commission. Bummer right? I knoww....

I resigned because selling education fund was not what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to work, eat, sleep as an accountant, get my ACCA, be a partner and open my own firm (ok the last two were my dad's ambition for me).

Time has passed, I ate, slept and drank as an accountant, even ate, slept and drunk as an auditor and to the ultimate phase I ate, slept and drunk as an accounting standard setter. Fuhh penat!

And then I became a party stylist. @sweetalmirazis is my baby of 4 years (and still strong). I am happy that I get a lot of support from my husband especially, but it doesn't pay the bills. You see, becoming a party stylist is like a dream job but moneywise, not so dreamy I guess. With the price hike in desserts and most items increased in price, it's hard to maximise profit when costs are escalating (I'm bad at costing, it's not my thing, even though I was an accountant before). Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful that god had met me with some people that exists in my life now, who opens the opportunity for me to grow my party styling business.

So, what does alllll this have to do with pavlova and my KWSP? You see, I recently became a unit trust consultant and of course the first investment is yours truly. However, it was not as easy as I thought.  My investment only went through after 3 attempts. The first two was a problem with my thumb print and the third one was because my position has been frozen. Why you ask? I asked myself too. I just joined as a unit trust consultant so why the heck should my status be frozen? Why was my thumb print not accepted? I really didn't understand. So after a few rounds to EPF office and branch, I finally found out the reasons.

Everything that happened has a reason and at that point in time only Allah knows why and as a weak human being I didn't understand at first, but learnt after that, that everything happens for a reason. Ini rahsia Allah.

As for the pavlova, I finally made a sinful Snickers pavlova after 3 attempts (now can you see the relationship? Yes?) I followed @cupcakejemma on youtube to know how to make it. But I still fail. Didn't know what went wrong, I thought I had already, religiously followed everything that I should do but, I was wrong. So after finally consulting my sister-in-law-baker-banker, I finally made it!