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Bloom & Grow x Mothercare Mother's Day Event 2017

Last Month (May 2017 - ok, now I'm not that slow in updating my blog anymore hehe), in conjunction with mother's day, I was invited to attend a 'Mother & Daughter' event organised by Bloom & Grow, held in Mothercare Bangsar Shopping Centre. I immediately RSVP-ed coz I didn't want to miss this golden opportunity (hehehe....lagipun my daughter's birthday coming up so I was thinking that at the same time I can get her a birthday present from Mothercare ELC; the tier plate with desserts toy I have been eyeing since I dapat baby girl :p)

We arrived late coz I had to send my second son to school first before I can go anywhere, plus it was on a Friday (so macam jemmmmmmm tak hengat punya). When we arrived, the other bloggers already started their activities, taking photos etc. My daughter was quite moody that day so she wasn't in the mood to play or whatsoever (sabarrr je lah). So we just observed the others doing their thing. 

There were 6 stations (Trunki Race, Trunki Eat, Skip Hop, Ergobaby - [OMG I love Ergobaby], Benbat, and Belly Bandit) and we had to complete the activities at each station in order to gain a stamp. I was like (memang tak dapat stamp la dgn Fina meragam mcm ni).....

Slowly I pujuk-pujuk Fina to play and lama-lama she wanted to do the activities (Alhamdulillah...)

Fina showing her artfood - errr not that cute tho ;p

 She was supposed to play with it tapi dia pegang je toy tu - nasib dapat stamp heheh
Slowly, she was in the mood to play (fuhh) but still being clingy. You know la kan what happens when you have activities with kids (biasalah tu kan).....I tengok organisers rilek jer, layankan kitorang semua which is tabiklah!

After the activities semua (yay I got all activities stamp!), it was time to makannn....the snacks and finger foods were awesome sedap (makan free lah mesti sedap jer...;p) and Fina pun dah sporting dah she was eating a lot jugak - lapar kot dah ke sana sini hehe.

Dah makan, wajiblah ambil gambar kan..... I was so happy to be able to meet my blogger friends (Illy and Ayna) - whom we have made friends since our babies were 4 months old- I met Ayna masa event with Awal, Scha and Rara last 2 years kat Menara Mustapha Kamal, before that I met Illy when Fina was about 4 months kot - masa tu Illy wrap Sofia pakai Ergobaby Wrap (which I rasa amaze sangat Sofia can sleep lama dlm tu).

 With Ayna and Illy and the other famous bloggers (aku picisan je - dah bertahun pun picisan hahahah)

After that we got our goody bags (yay!) - which is awesome lah goody bags kalau dengan Bloom & tgk what I got;

Post-event, Smartmumasia had an online Facebook contest. You see, while doing the activities mentioned above, the event photographer took our photos. The organiser then chose the best photo and uploaded them in their Facebook page where followers can like and share about the event. The picture with the most 'likes'  can win RM500 worth of Bloom & Grow products and a lucky follower could also win RM200 worth of products. Sad to say that I didn't win (dah mcmana nak win followers pun seciput jer ;(....but it's ok, benda ni for fun jer nothing serious so rilek jer laa betul tak?

All in all Fina and I had a great time bonding and it was a valuable experience for us (and worthy goodies - semuanya best, food pun best), so seronok sangat dapat peluang macam ni - Thank you so much to the organisers! xoxo

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