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Fina's Frozen Birthday Party


Dah lama tak update pasal birthday party kat sini kan? Ok topik hari ini pasal birthday party heheeheh. 

This year I had the opportunity to organise a proper birthday party for my daughter. Kesian coz she never had a birthday party before so this was the first time for her. Seronok sangat tuan punya badan sebab iyelah, dah besar kan, dia pun dah pandai ingat and cakap fasih so t'was the perfect timing. 

The party was held in A&W sebab I taknak pening nak pikir nak masak apa and kecah rumah bagai (eh senang ko). Anyways, I had the date reserved, balloons booked and desserts all covered. Menu makan; burger and chicken nuggets with fries, together with the famous A&W root beer (tapi no float which is a shame btw) - tapi takpe ok jer....

As a party stylist I memang tak pernah lambat to the event place. Tapi for the first time untuk birthday anak pulak jadik lambat (sebab - pegi pick up cupcakes kat Cahaya SPK, pastu jammm tak hengattt punya kat NST tu). So I only had less than 1 hour to deco the place, put up the backdrop, susun-susun desserts OMG teruknya timing haritu. Kucar-kacir sangat tapi Alhamdulillah my husband, kids and my SIL tolong, tolong banyak (insert icon keluar peluh kat sini).

Dan akhirnya, just look at the pictures lah ;p

Birthday girl

Birthday girl with her cuzzies

 Si abang

 Abangs and cousins

Another cousin still sleeping

With Myra and Busu

The whole clan

We also celebrated my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. Such an amazing journey for both of them. Ada scene suap2 lagi haha...

Mommy & Daddy 

Fina with adik Naquib

Fina with aunties and new baby

Suddenly got ninja hehehee

We finished at 5 pm plus soooo tired balik dapat rehat2 sambil Fina showed all her presents. Thank you to everyone who came and gave presents, I hope everyone had a great time and cukup makan (takut tak cukup je..). Gambar Fina with presents takde sebab abangnya snap gambar semua blur 😹

Until next birthday, next year would be Amar's (insyaAllah).