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Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017

Need to get going with this blogging thing. Thank you for reading this 'outdated' blog of mine :p

Now let's start with the first event this year; which is the Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017 which was launched in March  2017 (I know, I'm so bad at writing it up fast - Ms Rushantine and Eva jangan marah I ok?).

My daughter and I went for the launch which was held in National Planetarium Kuala Lumpur. (Sanggup tu drive jauh-jauh just to experience apa benda yang Paddle Pop nak buat nih...) When we reached there, we were served free lunch before the launch (sapa tak seronok makan free? heheh). At 2 pm sharp, Dato' P. Kamalanathan, the Deputy Minister 1, Ministry of Education arrived and we then made our way inside to witness the launch.

With the theme "Unity For a Greener Future", the Paddle Pop Young Builders Award is aimed at primary school students to encourage them to be more aware of the environment and to be creative by using recyclable materials in building their structures.

What amazes me was the fact that last year, there was an increase of 400% in the number of entries received as compared to the previous year! This clearly shows that more and more students are aware of the project thus making it more fun and competitive. 

 Dato’ P.Kamalanathan, Deputy Education Minister I, Ministry of Education at the National Planetarium, Kuala Lumpur with the students of SK Seri Hartamas during the launch of Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017

 At the launch, there was a life size robot that was made from recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, paper boards and other stuffs. It was designed and built by the Art & Design Faculty of UiTM led by Senior Lecturer, Eliza Hashim. The robot was named Tuah and is used to monitor students' recylcling habits (masa tengok robot tu dok teringat kat wall-e, maybe sebab dia boleh gerak pakai roda kot).

My daughter was bored sebab ada byk speeches and asyikla ajak balik, tapi nasib baikla tak buat perangai huhu.

 For more information on the Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017, please visit