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Pegalaman di Rosa Malacca - Part 1


It's the school holiday and Ramadhan at the same time (Ramadhan 2017) but we really had to book this hotel. Yes, wajib book hotel Rosa kat Melaka nih sebab dia cantik. Reallllyyyyy my kind of style hotel. Price aside, this is the best industrial concept hotel that I have been to (note that I have never been to any other industrial designed hotel in Malaysia), so I vote this as the best so far. Love the exterior and interior of this hotel to the max.

The only downside is that there is no swimming pool. What a bummer kan? But I bet they are planning to build one, they must, coz there will be a gym coming soon, so, a swimming pool would be awesome, really, a plus one and awesomelah if they have it.

If you Google Rosa Hotel mesti dah boleh tengok the pictures dia. Cantik tak? What do you think? I couldn't help but to snap at every inch of the hotel (I can go cray if I don't take a picture here). So here's my version:

 The first thing you would see when you arrive here
The lift area leading to lobby in Rosa Hotel, Malacca

 When you reach the front desk, you'll see a display of Rosa Hotel's merchandise

The area leading to the courtyard

Courtyard cum cafe area 😻

The other side of the cafe (where Bica & Co is)

Bica & Co Courtyard Cafe

 Another view of Bica & Co Courtyard Cafe

Our room for the night - Premier King

Dah ada orang rasmikan katil

Major love this open air tiered shelves

Love the walls, the black steels and the wood effect - Major love the interior!

 Toiletries dia sgt cunn

Hair Dryer in a very tempting-stainless steel-basket

 Super fluffy pillows but the bed's a bit hard - but it was a good night sleep for me (superbiased!)

Enjoying the view in our room

Since the extra bed is beyond our total budget, the hotel gave us a baby cot so we decided to let Fina sleep in it for the night. Ni masa pindahkan dia dari katil besar tadi ke baby cot. Sleeping soundly eh?

Masuk je courtyard terus menghayati every inch of it. I loveeeeeee this place man

Lepak-lepak kat courtyard after we checked-in

 Space for rent - very simple and original kan?

Like somewhere in New York - eh mcm pernah pegi NY ke?


 Bird's eye view of the courtyard

 More pics in Part 2