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Experience in Rosa Malacca - Part 2

So that night, we had a buka puasa gathering in another hotel. Fina dah siap-siap and of course I did take a snapshot of her in our room.
Fina in @elleandshayne Eid 2016 collection. I superlove this baju coz the fabric is awesome; cotton yang lembut.....worth my money
Amar met a new friend
Lepas dah makan bagai we went back to Rosa to rest....memang kekenyangan sangat...when we reached there, there was a pre-wedding was so nice with the lights and the view, I wanted to take picture but the management tak kasi, after that the groom-to-be came out and had a chat with us (he was so friendly and he cakap Melayu je - he's Chinese peranakan probably).....dia kata boleh je nak take pictures semua so I just took 2 snaps by far je, malu lah nak crash party orang heeheh....

Then it was time to sleep. Yang menariknya lampu tido bilik kat Rosa ni is underneath the shelves.
Cool kan lampu kat bawah meja? (Ke I je yang teruja sangat ni)
Fooling around
Since it was Ramadhan, Rosa pu…