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sweetalmiraz: My journey so far

I have to admit that my decision to stop working and start my own business shocked my parents and some people I encountered throughout this journey. Although it was an impromptu decision but it is one of the the best decisions that I have made in my life. It changed my life upside down but I never regret it once.
I started styling on weekends for friends (you can see a sample here) and the major one I did was for my brothers' wedding (which you can view here) and Amir's birthday (see it here and here) (he was always the sample test, product development test ...semua test lah) hehehe...
At the same time I kept on blogging and was invited to write about Happikiddo (HK) (see the post here). I posted a favourite-corner-in-Happikiddo-picture in my instagram and who knew that picture changed my life. The picture grabbed the owner's attention and from then on I was styling and decorating events organised by HK.

My first engagement for HK was a simple backdrop for their annual di…