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Rosa Malacca - Part 1


It's the school holiday and Ramadhan at the same time (Ramadhan 2017) but we really had to book this hotel. Yes, wajib book hotel Rosa kat Melaka nih sebab dia cantik. Reallllyyyyy my kind of style hotel. Price aside, this is the best industrial concept hotel that I have been to (note that I have never been to any other industrial designed hotel in Malaysia), so I vote this as the best so far. Love the exterior and interior of this hotel to the max.
The only downside is that there is no swimming pool. What a bummer kan? But I bet they are planning to build one, they must, coz there will be a gym coming soon, so, a swimming pool would be awesome, really, a plus one nice if they have it.
If you Google Rosa Hotel mesti dah boleh tengok the pictures dia. Cantik tak? What do you think? I couldn't help but to snap at every inch of the hotel (I can go cray if I don't take a picture here). So here's my version:
 The first thing you would see when you arrive here The lif…
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Fina's Frozen Birthday Party

Dah lama tak update pasal birthday party kat sini kan? Ok topik hari ini pasal birthday party heheeheh. 
This year I had the opportunity to organise a proper birthday party for my daughter. Kesian coz she never had a birthday party before so this was the first time for her. Seronok sangat tuan punya badan sebab iyelah, dah besar kan, dia pun dah pandai ingat and cakap fasih so t'was the perfect timing. 
The party was held in A&W sebab I taknak pening nak pikir nak masak apa and kecah rumah bagai (eh senang ko). Anyways, I had the date reserved, balloons booked and desserts all covered. Menu makan; burger and chicken nuggets with fries, together with the famous A&W root beer (tapi no float which is a shame btw) - tapi takpe ok jer....
As a party stylist I memang tak pernah lambat to the event place. Tapi for the first time untuk birthday anak pulak jadik lambat (sebab - pegi pick up cupcakes kat Cahaya SPK, pastu jammm tak hengattt punya kat NST tu). So I only had le…

Bloom & Grow x Mothercare Mother's Day Event 2017

Last Month (May 2017 - ok, now I'm not that slow in updating my blog anymore hehe), in conjunction with mother's day, I was invited to attend a 'Mother & Daughter' event organised by Bloom & Grow, held in Mothercare Bangsar Shopping Centre. I immediately RSVP-ed coz I didn't want to miss this golden opportunity (hehehe....lagipun my daughter's birthday coming up so I was thinking that at the same time I can get her a birthday present from Mothercare ELC; the tier plate with desserts toy I have been eyeing since I dapat baby girl :p)

We arrived late coz I had to send my second son to school first before I can go anywhere, plus it was on a Friday (so macam jemmmmmmm tak hengat punya). When we arrived, the other bloggers already started their activities, taking photos etc. My daughter was quite moody that day so she wasn't in the mood to play or whatsoever (sabarrr je lah). So we just observed the others doing their thing. 
There were 6 stations (Trun…

Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017

Need to get going with this blogging thing. Thank you for reading this 'outdated' blog of mine :p

Now let's start with the first event this year; which is the Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017 which was launched in March  2017 (I know, I'm so bad at writing it up fast - Ms Rushantine and Eva jangan marah I ok?).

My daughter and I went for the launch which was held in National Planetarium Kuala Lumpur. (Sanggup tu drive jauh-jauh just to experience apa benda yang Paddle Pop nak buat nih...) When we reached there, we were served free lunch before the launch (sapa tak seronok makan free? heheh). At 2 pm sharp, Dato' P. Kamalanathan, the Deputy Minister 1, Ministry of Education arrived and we then made our way inside to witness the launch.

With the theme "Unity For a Greener Future", the Paddle Pop Young Builders Award is aimed at primary school students to encourage them to be more aware of the environment and to be creative by using recyclable materials …

Pavlova and my KWSP

So finally, after nearly 40 years of age, I finalllyyyyyyy invest in a unit trust. Although there was a point in my life that god had showed me this, I wasn't prepared. At all. Financially and mentally.

You see, after graduation I joined an Overseas China Bank as a 'Wealth Management Executive'. The name so posh right? I didn't know what I was doing. I followed people and then at some point  (after 2-3 months) I got to know that I was selling education trust fund. Ok faham. I remember I closed a 100k deal with a Malay man (whom already knew all the answers to questions pertaining to the investment, but he wanted a Malay girl to sell it to him). My team then asked me to do it (for one obvious reason - I was the only Malay in the group). And so I did closed the deal with him but I didn't get the commission. Bummer right? I knoww....

I resigned because selling education fund was not what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to work, eat, sleep as an account…

Buds Oralcare Organics Toothpastes

How many safe toothpastes are there in the market? Mostly some of the kids' toothpaste contain flouride; which is not good for toddlers who are still learning to brush their teeth, coz they don't know how to spit it out. So the residues will be swallowed.. eek. 
It was hard to find a good toothpaste to please my little daughter. Dulu for my boys, diorang tak kisah pun, asal ada gambar spiderman and superman boleh je. My daughter ni suka princesses jugak but when I had the opportunity to try Buds Organics, I showed to her the monsters, she immediately smiled. She loves the monsters! I normally use it as a bait for her to take shower (you know how sometimes, they just don't have the mood to mandi, buat perangai/drama etc)...haa bila sebut ubat gigi monster terus dia nak mandi..heheeh....
So my daughter and I had the opportunity to witness the launch of Buds Oralcare Organics Toothpaste in Publika last month (baru nak update blog yg bersarang ni :p). We got these in the good…