Pavlova and my KWSP

So finally, after nearly 40 years of age, I finalllyyyyyyy invest in a unit trust. Although there was a point in my life that god had showed me this, I wasn't prepared. At all. Financially and mentally.

You see, after graduation I joined an Overseas China Bank as a 'Wealth Management Executive'. The name so posh right? I didn't know what I was doing. I followed people and then at some point  (after 2-3 months) I got to know that I was selling education trust fund. Ok faham. I remember I closed a 100k deal with a Malay man (whom already knew all the answers to questions pertaining to the investment, but he wanted a Malay girl to sell it to him). My team then asked me to do it (for one obvious reason - I was the only Malay in the group). And so I did closed the deal with him but I didn't get the commission. Bummer right? I knoww....

I resigned because selling education fund was not what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to work, eat, sleep as an accountant, get my ACCA, be a partner and open my own firm (ok the last two were my dad's ambition for me).

Time has passed, I ate, slept and drank as an accountant, even ate, slept and drunk as an auditor and to the ultimate phase I ate, slept and drunk as an accounting standard setter. Fuhh penat!

And then I became a party stylist. @sweetalmirazis is my baby of 4 years (and still strong). I am happy that I get a lot of support from my husband especially, but it doesn't pay the bills. You see, becoming a party stylist is like a dream job but moneywise, not so dreamy I guess. With the price hike in desserts and most items increased in price, it's hard to maximise profit when costs are escalating (I'm bad at costing, it's not my thing, even though I was an accountant before). Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful that god had met me with some people that exists in my life now, who opens the opportunity for me to grow my party styling business.

So, what does alllll this have to do with pavlova and my KWSP? You see, I recently became a unit trust consultant and of course the first investment is yours truly. However, it was not as easy as I thought.  My investment only went through after 3 attempts. The first two was a problem with my thumb print and the third one was because my position has been frozen. Why you ask? I asked myself too. I just joined as a unit trust consultant so why the heck should my status be frozen? Why was my thumb print not accepted? I really didn't understand. So after a few rounds to EPF office and branch, I finally found out the reasons.

Everything that happened has a reason and at that point in time only Allah knows why and as a weak human being I didn't understand at first, but learnt after that, that everything happens for a reason. Ini rahsia Allah.

As for the pavlova, I finally made a sinful Snickers pavlova after 3 attempts (now can you see the relationship? Yes?) I followed @cupcakejemma on youtube to know how to make it. But I still fail. Didn't know what went wrong, I thought I had already, religiously followed everything that I should do but, I was wrong. So after finally consulting my sister-in-law-baker-banker, I finally made it!

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Buds Oralcare Oraganics Toothpastes

How many safe toothpastes are there in the market? Mostly some of the kids' toothpaste contain flouride; which is not good for toddlers who are still learning to brush their teeth, coz they don't know how to spit it out. So the residues will be swallowed.. eek. 

It was hard to find a good toothpaste to please my little daughter. Dulu for my boys, diorang tak kisah pun, asal ada gambar spiderman and superman boleh je. My daughter ni suka princesses jugak but when I had the opportunity to try Buds Organics, I showed to her the monsters, she immediately smiled. She loves the monsters! I normally use it as a bait for her to take shower (you know how sometimes, they just don't have the mood to mandi, buat perangai/drama etc)...haa bila sebut ubat gigi monster terus dia nak mandi..heheeh....

So my daughter and I had the opportunity to witness the launch of Buds Oralcare Organics Toothpaste in Publika last month (baru nak update blog yg bersarang ni :p). We got these in the goody bag. Loads of Buds Oralcare Organics Toothpaste, two t-shirts and a fun 'Toofmonster'book, 

So basically there are 2 types of Buds Oralcare Organics Toothpaste; one with xylitol (for 1-3 yrs old) and the other is with flouride (for 3-12 yrs old). The one with xylitol contains organic aloe vera leaf juice and silica to clean teeth gently and effectively, which is safe if swallowed. Flouridated Buds Oralcare Organic toothpaste on the other hand contains a safe level of flouride together with the aloe vera leaf juice and phytic acid and natural xylitol, and is recommended for kids aged 3-12 years old.

Both types of toothpaste comes in four fruity flavours using certified organic natural flavours including green apple, strawberry, blackcurrant and peppermint. My daughter's favourite is strawberry. Oh yeah, the whole range is certified organic by ECOCERT; one of the largest organic certification organisations in the world, with the stricest of standards.

Some pics during the launch.

Celebs such as Dr Jezamine Lim (Harith's Iskander's wife) and Nurul were also at the launch. Buds also invited Dr. Bernard Low (Orthodontist), Mr KK Soo (the co-founder and R&D Director) to further explain about the toothpastes.

Balik kena gosok gigi

Fina suka sangat ngan prop berus gigi tu, pegang lama nak bawak balik...ehhh

She wanted to take picture with the monsters

So, try Buds Oralcare Organics Toothpaste today! The price are as follows:
Buds Oralcare Organics Oral Gel for baby teeth and gums (0-1 yr old) RM29.90 (30 ml)
Buds Oralcare Organics (with xylitol) (1-3 yrs old) RM32.90 (50 ml)
Buds Oralcare Organics (with flouride) (3-12 yrs old) RM32.90 (50 ml)

Bloom & Grow Catalogue Launch

When typing this I am feeling really miserable because the launch was held in October.....and now is December....sooooooo failing to update my blog....I wish there's an app that can straight away post to blogger when I'm posting to Instagram.....(ok, actually I found one app - which I haven't quite tried it yet....kepoz I need to update all my posts from last year, yes, LAST YEAR, and thennnn only I can use the, in the mean time I am updating pictures, yes pictures (mute mode) on sweetalmiraz's blog.....itu pun another blog of mine which really needs attention.

Anyways, selalu membebel, ok, ok....the launch was held to showcase Bloom & Grow products; cool, cute and functional baby and toddler products. If you like Happikiddo, you're gonna like this shop too. Only moms can relate to these kinda shops, sebab membuatkan kita rambang mata dengan produk-produknya yang tersangatlah bestnya.

Yang paling best sekali there was Scha, Awal and their little princess Lara (yg sgt selamba dan comel)....I think she steals their limelight lah...

Scha is using the Storsak Noa diaperbag - ada insulated bottle pocket, interior and external pocket, ada mini organiser bag and a changing mat too....hui macam-macam

Among the brands featured are Skip Hop, Ergobaby, Gro, Trunki - these are the existing brands. Two new brands are: Make My Day and CuddleCo. The CuddleCo ComfiCush Memory Foam Liner  stroller has a foam liner that can adapt to your baby's individual body shape, thus improving your baby's body shape and makes travel comforting. The price is RM179. Sila percaya sekarang ada stroller hebat yang berharga begitu murah :p

Best jugak sebab dapat jumpa Illy whom I met in the last event about the Ergo...masa tu both of us baru dapat baby about 5-6 months kot. So kira hari tu Afina dapat jumpa Sofia for the first time. Sofia jadik model on that day....she's so comellah! Tengok tu masing-masing sibuk isi minyak

 One for the album!

Lepas tu Scha selected me to pair with her for a short competition - Nursery deco...but we lost sebab ntahlah bukan rezeki kot...Afina was crying nak I dukung dia...suh duduk diam-diam jadik model tak mahu....kalau tak, boleh dapat Trunki tuu...but I just won a SkipHop bag...but heyyy, soooo happy dah dapat bag tu tau... 

Team Awal yang menang (rolls eyes - hehehe)

What's in the goody bag - and my prize

Trying to get a decent picture here

So, apalagi, cepat-cepat head on to baby shops yang jual semua barang-barang Bloom & Grow nih;  Happikiddo, The Babyloft, Baby Wonderland, One BB World and I think leading baby shops mesti ada semua barang nih.

Typewriter love

In the last post I promised myself to not neglect this blog tapi tapi...aduhaiii...sedih betul sampai takde masa nak update...lagi2 livewriter dah takleh log in coz google tak recognise it...whatever lah...anyway,  this entry is about a typewriter which I bought a few years ago but only recently I moved to a new house so the typewriter has got its special place in my studio now...heheheh

I love typewriters. I think it’s my most favourite thing….(err after suitcases and cake stands). My friend (Adeline of Snackfood) custom made it especially for me (with a good price, of course). It all started when I went to Snackfood (17A Select Store). I really like the mint typewriter (one of the pictures in her instagram post) and told Adeline how I like so much, if only it is in pink, and can be used. Too bad at that time, she only had the mint one (kind of model that I like) and it is for deco purposes only. So apparently Adeline said that she will inform me once she get her hands on the model that I want.
Originally, it was like this:

(Pic credit to Adeline)

Then she featured it in her instagram (btw follow @snackfood for more vintage items pictures):

(Pic repost from @snackfood’s instagram)

Then finally it looked like this (picture taken from Snackfood Shop)

Ohhhh…the Honeysuckle colour that she suggested is soooo nice! Bright and attractive. I love it!

This typewriter comes with the original certificate and storage, including a red and black ribbon which Adeline supplied. You can customize your typewriter too! Just ask Adeline how. 17A Select Store is situated in Telawi 3, Bangsar (opposite House of Dolls).

Happikiddo Citta Mall

Assalamualaikum! Hello!

It's like I just came back from a loooooong holiday....

(NOT!)..haha..Been neglecting this blog of mine too much....too much....But, now I'm back and I have got so many things to tell you.

Hmmm...Let's start with my recent visit to Happikiddo in Citta Mall. My second time here actually. The first time I went I already fell in love with this shop. There's just soooo many things on sale here. Imagine, there are over 50 international brands with more than 10,000 products here. Yes, I got excited when I went into this shop. I pusing 20 ribu kali kot, tilik satu-satu barang diorang....

Happikiddo_2 Happykiddo - front view

happikiddo05 The shop is so spacious! No berlaga-laga if you come here

happikiddo04 My favourite spot in the shop!

happikiddo09 Among the baby foods on sale

happi kiddo4 Swimming suits for babies

happikiddo06 Cute hippo as deco

IMG_0734 Wooden toys (I love them!)

HappiKiddo Not forgetting, mommys’ stuffs too

happikiddo07 Love the cashier area, makes me still eyeing for more stuffs to buy :p

In conjunction with Happikiddo's year-end celebration, I was invited to join 3 workshops. The first one that I managed to join (coz baby Afina was sleeping), was Starting Solids Made Easy by Jennifer Lee, a certified nutritionist, also a mom of 2 kids. Since baby Afina just started her solids last few weeks, I figured this workshop is perfect for us. When I stopped working, I vowed to cook Afina's food from scratch (I didn't want to buy baby food like I used to do for my 2 boys, but maybe buy only for travel, but not selalu la).

happikiddo08 Today's event

happi kiddo2 Door gift yang sangat best; pinggan mangkuk Rice for my baby

So, by joining this workshop, I learnt more about the fruits, veggies and grains that are good for my baby. Do you know that banana can cause constipation? Ahaaa tu la...selama ni ingat pisang is a catalyst untuk senang nak membuang kan?.....haa tidakkk..... Other foods in this category are rice, applesauce and toasted (bread). Another point is; it is good to practise feeding your baby with the 4 Ps - Prunes, Plum, Peaches and Pears, for ease in passing their stools. Ok, noted!

happikiddo02 Afina dah bangun, and she seemed more interested with my bangle

happikiddo03 Haha sempat #fromwhereistand…eh #fromwhereisit

happikiddo01 Jennifer Lee demonstrated the use of Bean (a steamer and blender to prepare baby food). She made cereal with fruits. So yummy I thought I should start eating it too!

The second workshop was about Mastering Naps & Schedule by Sarah Ong, a certified child sleep consultant, also a mom. Didn't get to listen properly coz Afina was already restless (she wanted her food and after that her sleep). So we went to the baby room, I got everything she needed and once she was happy, I went back to the talk. From what I remember, Ms Sarah said not to put your child to sleep when they are not sleepy. From what I experienced, if I do that, I'm the one who will be sleepy...or I get grumpy, but normally sleepy :p

happi kiddo1 Sarah Ong explaining the right naps schedule for babies

So after few turns with the stroller Afina was asleep again and I did a little bit of shopping.

happi kiddo3 Some books for my boys, a Jellycat and those pink containers (really can't resist the heart shaped food containers)

I didn't get to join the third workshop coz my other half and boys were back from their movie so they were kinda hungry (and I was hungry too). Before we grabbed some food, my son enjoyed his time at the play area in the shop (sempat lagi tu!).

IMG_0736 Play area in Happikiddo Citta Mall – so that you can shop in peace (Thank god!)

And while he’s busy ‘cooking’, I managed to daydream sekejap with this:

happi kiddo5 Mamas & Papas baby bud. Boleh guna sampai 3 tahun tu...

So, if you want to get quality baby stuffs and everything under the sun (baby stuffs la eh), come to Happikiddo! They have 4 outlets here in Malaysia:

1. Happikiddo Citta Mall
Lot No. F23-F25, 1st Floor, Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. 
Tel.: +603-7859 9330

2. Happikiddo Quill City Mall (I heard they’re opening a mom and baby cafe here, can’t wait to try!)
Lot No. 2.26 - 2.31, 2nd Floor, Quill City Mall, 1018 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel.: +603-2602 1596

3. Happikiddo Publika
Lot No. 9 Level UG 1, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel.: +603-6206 1830

4. Mum Over The Moon Level G3-49, Publika Shopping Gallery.
Tel.: +603-6211 2258

Instagram: @thehappikiddo
Twitter: @happikiddo

Or, if you dalam pantang, just visit their website, but the website is currently work-in-progress. A new website with all products offered in the stores will be launched early next year. At the moment, for online orders, you can reach them via FB private message.

Let me know how you feel about this shop in the comment box k!

Until next entry (I hope not another year :0 )


Ergobaby Travel for sale

Ok, actually I need money to buy Ergo 360. My baby just don’t want to sit front inward in my Ergo Travel coz she keeps brushing her face to my chest and then cries frantically. Everytime. Yes, everytime. The Ergo Travel costed me RM475 and lepas tu dia taknak duduk dalam tu…adehla susahnya gini…

So, when I was invited to join the revolutionary Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Launch last July (nampak sangat malas nak update blog sekarang dah September), I didn’t hesitate, I terus signed up (dengan harapan dapat sebijik Ergo – Nottt! – helloooo sapa nak kasi barang free?)

So basically the launch was not just for Ergo 360 but also Ergobaby Wrap and Ergo Baby Swaddler. Swaddle baby I guna yang biasa2 jer, not the revolutionary lah I’d say, selama ni ok je untuk my kids. This new Ergo Swaddler ni nampak bagus but my baby was already 3 months that time, kalau beli pun rugi coz dia dah besar. As for wraps, to tell you the truth, I don’t fancy wrapping my baby coz I prefer my baby to sleep in pram. Memang I biasakan my boys dulu macam tu, from car seat to pram and feeds in between, I tengok my boys ok je takde masalah pun duduk dalam pram, it makes my life a whole lot easier. Yang jadik masalahnya bila nak bersiar2 di tempat yang NOT-pram friendly like tepi pantai, pasar sesak and other places-lah (most moms know where), so nak gunalah jugak baby carrier sekali sekala.

I didn’t have a proper baby carrier coz most of the time suka guna pram, but my aunty ada bagi a baby carrier she bought in Japan called Combi Ninna Nanna (google for picture ok) so I have been using that for non-pram situations (but only used it when baby dah 6 months plus). So for baby baru ni ingat nak guna earlier than that age and taknak yg bulky sbb tu yang beli Ergo Travel ni , sbb dia ringan – end up dia tak suka. :(

IMG_8739Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby Swaddler

The launch was held in Mad About Coco in Publika. Di sinilah I jumpa Nana Mahazan and Illy Ariffin for the first time. They have been using the new Ergo and was invited to demonstrate their ‘wearing’. I tengok Illy’s baby was so comfy in the wrap, tido lama n Illy pun happy. I don’t know how if I were to be in her situation, I dahla tak reti ikat pastu dgn baby Amni yang suka menggosok muka, mmg havoc la dgn tangisan dia, I boleh jadik stress nanti.


Actually I sayang Ergobaby Travel I tu sbb ye lah dah beli mahal2 rugila tak guna kan?…So I dgn gigihnya belajar pakai and guna Ergo travel tu haritu, one of the staff helped to demonstrate to me before the launch. Ok. Dah ingat. Balik rumah buat, si kecik nangis nangis dan nangis. My baby suka ngadap depan. So memang tak jadilah dgn Ergo Travel ni because dia not front facing (ff)…..terus I plan nak beli Ergo 360 because selain front inward, back and hip, it can be used as ff. Below is my current Ergobaby Travel (google pic). Sapa nak beli?


Ergobaby 360 is different from other baby carriers because it has a BUCKET SEAT to support the baby in an ergonomic seated position and maintain ideal hip and spine positioning. Baby carrier lain ada ke? I taktau sebab bukan fan of baby carrier but what I know is when Nana put her picture with Aaqib dalam Instagram in the Ergo 360, everytime kena bash. Kesian betul. I tak mengikuti forum-forum babywearing ni so bila baca all the comments baru paham bahawasanya the babywearing group of moms are concerned with not just the hip and spine positioning but also the over-stimulation of baby when ff. Ok, this is my personal opinion lah…..the concerns are over rated sebab:

(1) Ergo 360 according to Dr. Moira Robertson, a doctor of chiropractic, she said the ff position of Ergo 360 is SAFE because it has a wide base so that the baby’s hips are properly locked into the socket besides supporting the wearer’s back health. The baby’s legs should not be dangling down or straightened. What I remember from her presentation was about the percentage of people yang sakit belakang, apparently orang2 Eskimo sakit belakang lebih lagi dari orang2 kat Africa, sbb Eskimos carry their baby with a straight leg while African carry them babies kaki terbukak. And Eskimo babies digulung kaki straight mcm dlm gambar ni, so there was no proper hip positioning, hence the hip displacement.

babywearingCradleboard_zps55ba5f50 Google pic

(2) Concern about over-stimulating the baby. Berapa lama pun nak duduk dalam baby carrier tu, it’s not like forever in there. Takdenya nak over stimulate, baby pun nak kena tido. I think this is an unnecessary concern. I think parents nowadays should concern more about their kids (and babies as old as 1 year being over-stimulated with the heavy use of ipad- even for educational purposes), no? Fikir-fikirkan.

Orang dah buat research and proven so jangan taksub sangat ok. Ingat, moderation is the key to everything. Mcmana pun I plan to buy the Ergo 360, from the look of it, Nana and her baby were both happy, and her baby looks so comfy. Ok, memang sah2 I nak beli, tapi kena jual Ergo Travel dulu sbb takde pulus dah.

So, kesimpulannya, jangan taksub and anti ff babywearing (eyh?)…(#dontbashmeplease) no no, maksud I, every mom knows what is best fo their child, takkan we do things that will hurt our child kan? So, kita ikut yang mana terbaik and selesa utk baby, based on our reading and info that we obtained. Insyaallah ok semuanya.

My shopping experience with Tesco Online

This was my first time in groceries shopping. When I was in confinement, this was the best option to shop without even lifting my leg (hahaha)….Hubby was busy with assignments and group work and exams, so I didn’t want to bother him so much. I shop via Tesco Online because it’s easy (and also was influenced by friends on twitter and instagram), but most of all, I didn’t have to go out in the hot sun, I just had to scroll my phone screen and choose what I want to buy (yay!).

The best thing about this Tesco Online shopping is you pay when the goods are received (not by cash though) and not in advance on the web. The method of payment is via credit card, when you receive your goods. That is why it is important to check your goods and ensure that any substitute done by Tesco is acceptable (what I mean here is somethimes when the goods you ordered is not available, they will substitute with something similar – subject to your approval). Once you are satisfied with everything (the goods, the quantity, checked the expiry dates), then you can proceed with payment.

The first time a Tesco lorry came to my house, I jumped (in my heart) excited semacam pulak bila tengok lori Tesco datang. But, to tell you the truth, the excitement was not just in me, but the whole family members came out to see the Tesco lorry. My mom, my dad, my aunt, even my brother’s Indonesian maid came out to see :)

IMG_8476 Tesco lorry in front of my house

IMG_8477 Goods that I bought – plus some fresh fruits and veggies

What made me even happier was this first time online purchase entitled me for free gifts (just so happen they were having a promo) – cuma I je yang taktau, so happy terlebih la kan…I got Joy (yang besar ok, worth RM11.80), a soft ball and a bottle of baby wash.

IMG_8478 Free gifts from shopping with Tesco Online

I also got 4 Legoland vouchers (the RM40 off per normal ticket)….happy tak kalau dapat?…haaa…The only thing I’m not happy was I got the welcome e-mail (the one with e-discount for first time purchase) AFTER  I did my first online purchase. So it was not valid anymore when I wanted to use it the second time. Was a bit disappointed but what to do kan.

My only hope is that Tesco will come out with an app for customers so that we don’t have use the mobile web when making our purchase. It would be muchoo easy..heheheh.. With Tesco online shopping, I can reduce my unnecessary food/junk/goods picking..(you know how you tend to pick unnecessary items when strolling from one aisle to another?)…yes, you can avoid that by shopping with Tesco Online….really Tesco Online shopping doesn’t burn your pocket as much as physical shopping in Giant or any other hypermarkets. You will only buy what you need.

Since then, I am now addicted to Tesco Online shopping heheheh…Tesco Online shopping helps me to plan my groceries shopping properly and they only provide the best quality to me. Trust me, I am not paid to say this, I just really like how it works. You can try, and let me know how you feel….Ok, I need to bathe my baby now. Until next entry.

Pengalaman bersalin kali kedua di DEMC

If you read my post about Pengalaman Bersalin di DEMC, you would know that this is my second post about giving birth in DEMC, cuma kali ni special sikit hehehe…. Actually, when I was already 40 weeks, we booked an executive room, read about My Third Pregnancy……kira dah prepare semualah…

On my due date, Dr. Norleen said come back on Monday to be induced. My Dr., as usual was so calm and softspoken…I really love her…the best gynae ever lah…don’t know how to describe how much I love her… dia rileks je, cakap enjoy the weekend dulu…go have a treat. So, apa lagi, husband treated me with food lah…heheheh…pegi jalan-jalan carik makan…

So on the 5th of May, I was induced sebab kira dah overdue by 3 days…..Dr. pesan have a good breakfast and come…and so I did…I was induced at 9.30 am and gave birth at noon…agak cepat…maybe sebab kandungan dah ‘ripe’ sangat kan…sakit beranak, jangan cakap la….memang sakit gile…kira satu achievement la (for me la)…..and so, hadirlah seorang baby girl dalam hidup kami….namanya Amni…

IMG_8104 Baby Amni

Lepas bersalin, I got to know that we have been upgraded from Executive room to a Suite because all executive rooms were fully booked. Rezeki Amni nampaknya. We stayed in Ortis. Lepas check in bilik, terus-terus dapat lunch.

IMG_8089 Lunch – err..I makan ikan ngan nasik je kot

Bilik Suite awesome but I didn’t get to take pictures sebab penat sangat, so harapkan hubby yang amik pictures nih. Dulu masa bersalinkan Amar, we checked-in a night before I gave birth so dapatla enjoy-enjoy makan itu ini dengan Amir and hubs.

IMG_8093 Hall area

IMG_8094 Pantry area

IMG_8092 Separate room for hubby to sleep…hubby takdela tido kat couch je

dinner- demc Dinner di DEMC (sedap)

Yang specialnya duduk kat Suite ni, everything settle kat sini. What I mean is dispense ubat and bayar bil pun kat sini….no need to queue or whatsoever….senang gile. Layanan pun tersangatlah best. Nurse pun baik-baik belaka. Sungguh pengalaman yang terindah kalau duduk kat suite ni…kira macam hotel la…(tapi takdela nak enjoy sangat….sbb baru lepas beranak kan…cuma I rasa, bolehla nak kurangkan keperitan sakit dengan minda yang tenang dan best kat sini)…gitu. It’s all in the mind…..

About afternoon, the nurse bawak Amni and she latched on like a pro…eh budak-budak sekarang ni pandainya…tak kekok pun nak hisap susu…dahla masa bersalin dah bukak mata….my mom kata babies dulu-dulu satu minggu baru bukak mata….hahahha….

Esoknya before discharged, Dr paed  (Dr Ahmad) datang jenguk Amni and Dr. Norleen pun datang jenguk I tanya khabar. Sungguh happylah dapat gynae macam Dr Norleen. Suka sangat ngan dia. Katanya “see you in a month to discuss family planning”…heheheh….

And then, suddenly ada sorang ni masuk, katanya from Audiology department. I was like “bila masa pulak I’m associated with radio-radio nih”….and before I continue to be in doubt, the guy explained that it’s a new department in the hospital and Amni was put through a hearing test before she could be discharged. He said Amni successfully passed the test. He said only recently the hospital require babies to sit the test to detect hearing problems in babies earlier than the normal time. According to him, babies and toddlers should not be exposed to gadgets/devices or even the idiot box before the age of 2. A little can mean no harm but he said try to avoid shows that no one talks in them, those shows can delay speech in babies. Ada banyak lagi dia cakap but itu yang I paling ingat. You can contact them to know more.


Before we were discharged, biasalah dapat goody bag lagi…macam-macam I dapat….best sampai snap picture hehehe…


A few days after, Home Care pun datang jenguk Amni and me…nama nurse tu was Kak Rose. She said everything was ok with me….(ye lah but I donch like pantang…I despise it because it is the time when I am most fragile, physically and emotionally…)….

Now, it’s been 2 months, baby pun ok alhamdulillah I doa that Amni will be a healthy person, berjaya dunia dan akhirat dan menjadi insan yang solehah. You might not know this Amni, but I prayed to get you and I hope that I can be the best mom for you and your brothers (insyaallah)…ehh emo lak ayat…ok dah!

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